Sweet Adelines Story of Courage

Tell me how Sweet Adeline's Story of Courage has touched hearts

Sweet Adeline's Story Courage
Tell me how Sweet Adeline's Story of Courage has touched hearts
Sweet Adeline Shares Her Gifted Journey
The life I value is connected to all things ~ Willie Nelson
Sweet Adeline's Story of Courage ~ Book is growing into a full size book out in 2012
Sweet Adeline ~ A Rare Stared & Striped Lineback
Sweet Adeline is a Medicine Horse
Sweet Adeline is a Outstanding Horse Hero & Friend


Sweet Adeline's Story of Courage ~ Book is growing into a full size book out in 2012


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Madeleine A. Pickens
Mrs Pickins is par excellence is marketing and owning a wild horse herd



Ginger Kathren's ~ PBS~ Master Story Teller
Emmy Awarded Director ~Keeper of a Pryor Herd


An animal's eyes have the power to speak ~ a great language.

From MARTIN BUBER, I and Thou


Only a horse can carry a person

Barbara Ellen Ries


It Is With The Heart One Sees Rightly What Is Essential Is invisible To The Eye ... The Little Prince

The horse is a bridge to the natural world... Karen Sussman

Sweet Adeline is a celestial horse.  Animals affect people spiritually.

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Barbara Ellen
I like your web site!. Ginger Kathrens, Volunteer Executive Director of The Cloud Foundation, Emmy Awarded Filmmaker and Wild Horse Advocate
I know this story is a tale of a true spirit horse.  Karen Sussman, President of the International Society of Mustages and Burros and Wild Horse Advocate.

This is the beautiful story of Sweet Adeline, a brave horse who changed a woman's life.  Once again, we see how animals can choose to behave in the noblest of ways.  Adeline taught courage and compassion to the people who loved her. Good luck with the story and with your beautiful work to get Adeline the recognition she deserves.  I'm cheering for you."  Kristen Von Kreisler, author of THE COMPASSION OF ANIMALS and BEAUTY IN THE BEASTS"

"That is a great story."Madeleine Pickins, Horse Advocate, Wife to T. Boone Pickins,
"Wow, what an incredible story!  I hope it is OK,  I forwarded it on to several of my friends. I am a student of animal communication, I know how intelligent and spiritual animals are", Peggy Willenburg, Co -Star of the Television Show The Twister Sisters, Severe Weather & Storm Chaser.
"This story is very moving. Thanks for sharing Barbara."
Craig Downing,Biologist, Wild  Horse & Burro Advocate, Researcher and  Ecologist

"The life I value is one that is connected to all things."  Thank you for keeping me in the loop about the wild horses.
Willie Nelson, Musician, International Peace Advocate and Wild Horse Advocate.

Sweet Adeline held us next to the founding wall, if not for Adeline’s protection, I would have led the charges outside to a sure demise.  Tina Henney Davidson, Equestrian, Tristan’s Owner, and Tornado Survivor.



I want you to know this is a true account of Sweet Adeline’s Courage on November 10, 2002Thomas Rusnak, Photographer and Tornado Survivor.



It takes time and patience to make a masterpiece! Donna Hohman, Human and Equine Massage Therapist and Tornado Surviver.



This is a very good telling of our day. Thank you for telling the story  of  a very interesting day. You and Adeline are continuing to do good work.  I wish you a lot of luck with your continuing effort to get the story out there.  I know you will get published and I can't wait to read the next book. Gaylee Wetzel, Equestrian, Tornado Surviver.


A spiritual story of courage and connection. Truely an inspiration! Elizabeth Rich, LISW,MA, LICDC



The Fury of Nature. The courage of a horse.  The renewal of the human spirit!  Layne Dillion, L.S.W.



Sweet Adeline's Story of Courage is a story of pure determination and heroism.  Barbara Ellen capture's Adeline's human like qualities in this tale of against the odds courage. It is a story for both young and old alike. Judie Harley, MA, LPCC



Many thanks for your story! It really makes you realize how very lucky we are to have these wonderful animals.
Joellen Zimmerman,Equistian
August 12th 2006

Dear Friends of Sweet Adeline, I would like to take the opportunity to honor a very special person. BARBARA  ELLEN RIES has been a timeless Sweet Adeline advocate for the past 4 years. Barbara was in the barn on November 10, 2002 when the tornado destroyed Serendipity Stables. Sweet Adeline saved her life, and Barbara, in return, has given 100% effort to promote her best friend-- Sweet Adeline! Within the past week several of Barbara's promotions have come to pass. Most important is that the Ohio Veterinary Medical Association has named Sweet Adeline “Outstanding Horse Hero and Outstanding Animal.”  The list of activities  which   Barbara has set into motion in honor of Sweet Adeline is endless. We are so thankful for Barbara's devotion to Outstanding Sweet Adeline. Serendipity Stables will be honoring Barbara on Saturday, August 12, following Sweet Adeline’s award ceremony for outstanding advocate.  Thank you and Congratulations, Barbara Ellen Ries .Sincerely, M. Davis. August.Stable Newsletter. 2006


"Barbara Ellen Ries' devotion to Sweet Adeline is constant, consistent, beautiful and total.  Sweet Adeline and Barbara Ellen act like a team.  We are spirit guides in an entenal bond."  Barbara Ellen Ries


Dr. Craig Downer, Sweet Adelines Story is True Blue and beautiful.

ISPMB's ~ Karen Sussman~ Visionary
Honoring her Organization Founder~ Wild Horse Annie