Sweet Adelines Story of Courage

Sweet Adeline is a Medicine Horse

Sweet Adeline's Story Courage
Tell me how Sweet Adeline's Story of Courage has touched hearts
Sweet Adeline Shares Her Gifted Journey
The life I value is connected to all things ~ Willie Nelson
Sweet Adeline's Story of Courage ~ Book is growing into a full size book out in 2012
Sweet Adeline ~ A Rare Stared & Striped Lineback
Sweet Adeline is a Medicine Horse
Sweet Adeline is a Outstanding Horse Hero & Friend
Sweet Adeline's Story of Courage
2004 Barbara Ries

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Medicine Horse, 2010



View Feburary for Sweet Adeline's picture and story


Hi, Barbara,
The photo you submitted to S.N.A.P.I. 's Spirit for the Horse of the 2010 poster has been selected as a  finalist for Feburary to celebrate Adeline's life and birthday.
Your horse hero Sweet Adeline will be featured in the poster for the Feburary to .
Thank you for the excellent photo. It was a tough choice with so many great entries.
 The shot and your horse do really show the Spirit Horse Guardian!
The winner and the 10 runner up finalists make for an outstanding herd of equine spirit!!


Sweet Adeline is a Star