Sweet Adelines Story of Courage

Sweet Adeline Shares Her Gifted Journey

Sweet Adeline's Story Courage
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Sweet Adeline Shares Her Gifted Journey
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Sweet Adeline's Story of Courage ~ Book is growing into a full size book out in 2012
Sweet Adeline ~ A Rare Stared & Striped Lineback
Sweet Adeline is a Medicine Horse
Sweet Adeline is a Outstanding Horse Hero & Friend

Adeline is the luckiest Horse

According to ancient horse wisdom, a mount with white on the far leg with one short sock is the luckiest in battle and is rarely known to fail.  Horses with a starred forehead are considered the best of all marks and these horses are so valued they were considered to have good luck and good medicine to all who love them. 

A bay horse with dark legs and a dun lined-back strip, had hidden vigor beneath the coat was a true linage of  a Spanish mustang representing the highest quality breed. 

People say the wild mustage horse was in a race dies before tiring.  Dun mustangs, have staying powers and are legendary, they are figured prominently in a number of endurance rides.

Not only was a dun perceived as tougher, but also wilder and more primitive even dominating as a being.  A dun on the frontier contacts the depiction of extraordinary hardiness.  It was very common to select special appaloosas, symbols of the horse traditions and ceremony. 

Sweet Adeline’s Story of Courage.      



2002, Barbara Ellen Ries

2002, Barbara Ellen Ries
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